Storage Units

Container units can accommodate furniture from the average 3 bedroom house.

About Our Storage Units

Our storage units offer the perfect short-term storage solution for storing belongings. With up to 150 square feet of storage space, you are easily able to accommodate all of the furniture from an average 3 bedroom house. If these 20 foot Units are too much for your needs, we also have 10 foot Units available.

You’re allowed easy access to your unit 7 days a week and you can drive right up to the doors, meaning there’s very little hassle when needing to move and carry stuff around.

Units have a lock box for your padlock, with only you having  the key, and the units are  lined with soft insulation meaning your goods are protected in a climatically controlled environment; they’ll stay warm in winter and keep cool during summer. In addition to this, we have CCTV running across all areas of the premises 24/7. It’s this level of security for your goods along with our unique and friendly service that help make Bingham Self Storage so popular.


Who Needs a Storage Unit?

If you’re a little unsure of whether a storage unit is exactly what you need then look no further. To help make up your mind, we thought it would be useful to discuss our typical customers; helping you to make the decision that we’re right for you.

House movers – if you’re in the process of moving house, downscaling, decorating, extending or even working on a self-build, our units are perfect for storing the goods from your home that you currently don’t have room for. Moving house can be a frantic experience at the best of times, and worrying about where you’re going to keep your much-loved possessions can only add to the stress.  Those that are moving house typically make use of our units for anywhere between 1-6 months.

Small businesses – a number of small businesses make great use of our  storage units. Market traders, online businesses, landscapers and more find it much more practical to access one of our  units than to attempt to store everything at home. Doing it this way gives you the freedom to live a normal life in the home, even when trying to grow a business.

More – whilst the above categories are our more frequent types of customer, there’s no limitations to who can use them. If you have large items or a big quantity of items that you need storing and need easy access to then there’s a great chance that one of our units are what you need. Alternatively, we also offer long-term storage crates and bespoke storage options.


Areas Served

We are based in Bingham, Nottingham NG13. The areas that we serve varies entirely on the needs of the individual and how often you need access to the units.


We are based 1 mile from the heart of Bingham, meaning we’re the perfect self-storage option for local businesses and those in neighbouring towns and villages such as East Bridgford, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Aslockton, Langar, Cropwell Bishop, Southwell, Bottesford, Cotgrave, Burton Joyce and more.


Based in Nottinghamshire and just outside the city of Nottingham, we’re a great choice for those in Nottingham that want to keep items out of harm’s way in a discreet location. Follow the A60 to the A52 where it’s a short and hassle-free journey to our storage units.


Bingham Self Storage is just a short 17 minute drive from Newark, with the A46 taking you from one town to the other without any hassle. Having items in a secure place so close to home means that we’re a popular choice for Newark homeowners and businesses alike.


The market town of Grantham is only slightly further away, being a 20 minute drive away using the A52. This short commute makes it easy for local business owners to nip in and out when needed, and for those that are moving home to quickly grab items or pop some more in if ever needed.

Melton Mowbray

If you’re storing items for a longer period of time such as three months plus, then making the trip from Melton Mowbray and the below locations is more than worth it. Take the A606 and the A46 and store your items just 25 minutes away in Bingham.


Bingham’s close location to Loughborough means that we’re situated just a 25 minute drive away. If you get on the A46 via the B676 you’ll find us operating right next to the A52. We’re perfectly placed for Loughborough homeowners and businesses to store items for short-to-long-term periods of time.


Because we’re based in a close proximity to the A46, your car journey time from Leicester is a short 30 minutes. Again, this is great for those looking to store items for short-to-long periods of time in our self-storage units.


If you’re looking to store business items or home furniture for a reasonable period of time then making the short 35 minute journey from Mansfield is more than worth it. We’re accessible via the A617 and the A6097 meaning we’re easy to get to for a longer term  storage unit.


Also just a 35 minute commute away, we’re an easy, straight drive along the A52 from Derby; perfect for any of your longer term storage needs.


Self-Storage Unit Prices

If you are in need of large self-storage unit prices then please contact us today on 01949 831781 – we charge a flat monthly rate that offers superb value based on ease of access, security and our friendly service.

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